A WINNING BODY,           .


Close the distance between you and your winning body with strategy, science (the sexy kind) and some good ol’ fashioned sweat.

Learn how to ignite your metabolism, achieve next-level fitness, get your nutrition on-point, access your secret stash of energy, and learn some really cool hacks to get it done because, well… let’s keep it easy, shall we? 

Simply put, this program will help you burn fat, lose those l-b’s, and as a bonus you'll achieve a total body upgrade.

Your metabolism is built for          , mama! 


Here's how you know you're ready to achieve a forever lean, strong, and thriving body within the Fat Loss Finish Line program if you’re saying to yourself — “Girl, I’m with you” on any of these 5 items:



You’re already health-conscious, eat well, regularly workout, and generally strive to take care of yourself, but those last 5-10 pounds just keep hanging around. You feel semi-crappy half the time and are wondering is this my new normal?

You’re convinced you have to workout hard almost every day and keep an eagle eye on what you eat because you’re just not “naturally skinny.”
You’re an ambitious woman looking to achieve a level of fitness and health that supports your goal-getter life. You feel most empowered when you look good and feel good because it makes you feel damn near ready to conquer the world. Also because you can't run solely on caffeine.

You’re not daunted by a challenge (heck, you crush it out there!), BUT you just do not need one. more. thing. on your plate. You want the path to your winning body to be straightforward, effective, and efficient. For you moms out there - YES, you can have a bangin’ bod and be thriving at mom life! 

You like to relax and say “why not?” to an extra 10-minute massage along with your pedicure, drink wine, eat delicious food, spend time with family and friends and not feel like you have to sacrifice those sacred pleasures in your life to reach your goals.





Here’s the deal. Are you working your cute tush off ALL. THE. TIME, barely maintaining where you’re at and not making progress yet still wondering if this is your “new normal?” I’m telling you, it’s not normal and it doesn’t have to be your story. 

If you’re so overwhelmed about all the diets and health advice out there, that you don’t even know what direction to head in anymore, I’ve got you! 

Are you ready for the amazing news? I’m going to hand over every tool, tip, and secret you need to succeed in the Fat Loss Finish Line program. We’re going to dial in a plan so tight that you can let go of the negative mental energy and start thriving!

You’re going to learn how to optimize your body by balancing effort and ease with nutrition strategies that train your metabolism to burn the right fuel in the right way, and the blueprint to amplify your fat-burning potential and give your health (translation: life) a major upgrade all across the board.

If there was a straightforward and attainable way to drop those last stubborn pounds without the stress about missing a workout or splurging on a meal, to feel great in your jeans because your bloating is *poof!* magically gone, and you feel so darn comfortable in your skin, would you finally feel like you could live a life you love free from those worries weighing you down?

Here’s how we achieve the metabolism magic… 

▸ Focus not only on what you eat but how you eat. We combine nutrient optimization and fueling our body to support fat loss with the strategic timing of our meals to create an easy-to-maintain, successful lifestyle that has ZERO to do with counting calories.

▸ Get strong, sweaty, and endorphin-filled with all-levels workouts because exercise, done right, activates a whole host of amazingness in your too long to-do list, AND because muscle burns fat! Let’s be real - shape (that tight booty + amazing shoulders!), hands down, trumps being skinny.

▸ Turn potential fat loss foes, like your gut microbiome, hormones, stress, sleep, and even mindset to a harmonized set of tools all set to your fat-burning frequency. We learn just how incredible our bodies are!

▸ Create easy-to-maintain, sustainable habits that work for your lifestyle, not against it. You already have the power to achieve your goals, it’s about mining those gems and putting them into practice!

SO WHAT'S THE          ?


It’s training your body to become metabolically flexible — the secret sauce to achieving a winning body, a.k.a becoming a fat-burning machine (even when on vacation!). This is because your body becomes intelligent and it learns how to shift between fuel sources to best suit your energetic needs (i.e., not store fat).

A 4-week program that puts you on the fast-track to a winning body by igniting your metabolism and achieving next-level fitness with breakthrough nutrition and fat-burning strategies, minus the stress or sacrifice. 

Lose fat, find freedom, and forever change how your body looks and feels. You’ll never underestimate the potential of your body again! 














I’m a health and fitness expert, endurance athlete turned hustling soccer mama, ambitious goal-getter, hype-woman, eternal student, spontaneous laugh-er, first to the dance floor, West Coast living New Yorker who loves to compete with myself (who’s up for a race or game of Solitaire? Me!) and always shows up with the bottle of wine.

Here’s the thing. We all have a lifetime of experiences and a set of current circumstances that, we believe, make up who we are. The truth is, NONE of that is standing in your way of feeling like a bad-A** superwoman and achieving your goals NOW. Whether it’s a winning body, having an abundance of energy or peeling off your leggings and putting your “hard pants” on.

My secret mission is to have you fall madly in love with taking care of yourself, but I’m going to make you look hot-damn good while doing it!




“Karisa Curtis is simply amazing. Her workouts are tough but you leave her tougher than when you came. She is a genuine human that inspires while improving your body at the same time. Karisa will help you reach your goals and strengthen your weaknesses to improve your overall health, she’s awesome!"

what MY clients are saying


“Karisa is an amazing trainer who delivers results. Here knowledge of fitness and nutrition is exceptional. She ignited my desire to workout and live a healthier life!”

what MY clients are saying


“If you told me I would become more fit and lean during COVID, I would have laughed and never believed you. I was able to have THE best workouts with THE best instructor I have ever experienced. Karisa’s workouts are the best balance of strength and cardio and they leave you wanting more. I feel leaner and stronger than I have in a very long time. I can’t thank her enough.”

what MY clients are saying


“Karisa is incredibly impactful and motivating. She is always positive and effective in getting you maximized performance and results.” 

what MY clients are saying


“Honestly, I would not have survived quarantine without you and your workouts.”

what MY clients are saying

✚ (25) Video Trainings, from 5-15 minutes in length, where you will learn how to ignite your fat-burning potential and my proven method to achieving metabolic flexibility – your lean machine master key - so you can live a balanced, non-restrictive life and maintain your winning body no matter what. Say hello to margs on the beach! 

✚ (2) All-Levels Strength and (2) HIIT Workouts per week (that’s 16 in total!), designed to maximize fat loss and carve a lean, strong body because shape trumps skinny every time! 

✚ (4) Live Weekly Recap Huddles for Q&A and real-time feedback.

✚Resource Vault packed with everything you need to achieve, including the FL2 28-day Nutrition and Workout Calendar, FL2 Nutrition Method including Weekly Meal Plans and Shopping Lists, Success Strategy Builder, Gut Support Guide and Weekly Gut Health Protocol.

✚Exclusive access to a private Facebook Group and Membership area for support and an epic community because positive energy is contagious!

If you’re already lacing up your sneakers and READY to get on the fast track to a WINNING body, it’s          to join Fat Loss Finish Line and get:


Let’s chat about it! If you’re at all iffy about whether FL2 is a good fit for you, let’s connect! I’ll answer your questions and give you my honest opinion.


Want to                    if fat loss finish line is a good fit?


✚ Supplement Guide: The products I’ve heavily researched and used that you can rely on as a trusted guide.

✚ Smoothie Essentials: Smoothies are perfect vehicles for tons of nutrition. Here’s your manual to make the most out of them!

✚ Insider Tips Fat Loss Guide: There’s learning about fat loss and then there’s putting it into practice. This is your no-nonsense guide full of easy ways to capitalize on fat loss in real life. 

✚ Favorite Fat Loss Foods Shopping List: I live for delicious (and healthy!) food and I’m making this easy-peasy for you to have yummy choices. Just print and head to the store. Done! 

✚ Habit Tracker and Daily Plan Sheets: It’s good to have a plan, especially when you’re in change-making mode.

✚ Meal Making Time Hacks: Efficiency is literally my love language so I’m all about sharing my streamlining hacks. 

✚ Hydration, Sleep, and Stress Checklists: We’re doing the full-body upgrade, baby! These are essential facets of your fat loss and I’m going to make sure you have everything dialed and more!

LET'S        EXTRAS!


Your success is my success and I want to give you every resource possible for fat loss acceleration and keeping that momentum going! Let’s set the pace...

The body you want isn't roped off just for young, athletic types with tons of free time on their hands. Create the body you want and feel as good as you look. I cannot wait for you to take that victory lap and cross the finish line feeling your best yet! 

Yes, me and my metabolism are            to get stoked! Let me just put my hair up in a pony and tell me how much...


25 Video Coaching Curriculum (valued at: $900)

16 Fat Loss-Specific Strength and HIIT Workouts (valued at: $480)

4 Weekly Recap Huddles (valued at: $400)

FL2 Resource Vault (valued at: $600)

Special Bonuses (valued at: $300+)

Access to FB Group and Membership Area: (valued at: it's weight in gold)

TOTAL VALUE = $2,680

If that makes you want to respond with the “awkward” emoji, don’t worry… I’m not charging you anywhere near that! 

Your transformation, your happiness, your feelings of accomplishment - I can practically see you draped in a flag waving to the crowd. Can’t you!? I am 100% committed to you becoming the master of your metabolism, the boss of your body and feeling utterly free to enjoy your life. This is absolutely available to you, all it takes right now is walking up to the starting line and securing your spot for ... 

A ONE-TIME                OF 




You had me at the part where I’m waving to my fans… what’s next?

▸ Join the waitlist where you’ll receive an email with a link to the sign-up when the next cycle opens.

▸ Next, be on the lookout for an email with the FL2 portal info, where you’ll be able to log-in and get started with immediate access!

▸ Let’s do this! 4 weeks of work to achieve amazing things together. Enjoy lifetime access to all of the materials, including the workouts! It's amazing to see how much stronger you got the next time you perform the workout!

▸ Make sure to join the private Facebook community so we can support and cheer each other on!




1. Is this a diet plan?

No, this is not keto or paleo and we don’t cut out any food groups, including alcohol (which I count as a food group!) We don’t even touch counting calories. This is a strategic eating plan, where we’ll put just as much focus on how we eat as what we eat. You’re going to gain a deep understanding of how food and our gut, hormones, and even our mindset, are intimately entwined and how to basically hack these systems for success. 

2. I can’t make it to the live Q&A's, will I be missing out?

All the Q&A's will be recorded, and you are free to watch them on your own time. All the class materials, including the live elements and workouts, will be in your Membership Area, which you will have lifetime access to. 

3.  What’s my grocery bill going to look like, and will I have to purchase special or expensive supplements?

First off, real food, not supplements, is the priority in achieving results and optimizing health. In some cases, supplements can be beneficial and I give you a Supplement Guide that can help you make educated choices, but they are not necessary nor first in line for your success. You’ll also receive my Favorite Foods shopping list, where I give you the Whole Foods option and the Trader Joes option so you can choose what best fits your budget. Otherwise, we are sticking to whole foods which usually are far less expensive than purchasing tons of processed items!

4. Give me the lowdown on the workouts.

Each week you will receive 2 Strength and 2 HIIT (16 in total!) workouts alongside a calendar of what to do on the days outside of those workouts. We build lean muscle and incorporate metabolic conditioning for maximum fat loss benefits. We begin with foundations and progressively build over the month. Every workout is full body, with varying emphasis on different muscle groups.

5. What equipment will I need?

These workouts are built for home and require a very basic setup. You will want to have 3 sets of weights (light, moderate and heavy) anything between 3-15 pounds depending on your fitness level, a couple of mini bands, a mat, and a sturdy chair or bench. Don’t let the simple setup fool you, we get creative as heck with it! 

6. I like food! I live for a Saturday night dinner out, enjoy meals with friends and family, and am in a love affair with cheese. Will this put a total damper on my life?

No, because you will train your body how to handle these situations! You’ll be able to enjoy a piece of cake without having it wreck your goals because your metabolism will understand how to behave, like a polite child. And if you feel like anything is an issue, I am equipping you with so many strategies and tips, you’ll be able to take care of it lickety-split!

7. I haven’t worked out lately. I’m a little scared of the fitness piece. Can I still do this program?

Absolutely! The workouts are designed to be all-levels, but they are not for an absolute beginner who has never had fitness a part of their life. Before the workouts even begin, you will receive a video training that gives an overview of correct form and best practices so you can start the workouts right away, with a refresher on the basics that will ensure you stay injury-free and able to progress throughout the month. These workouts are the bomb BUT, you will get SO MUCH VALUE in this program outside of the workouts that if you choose to skip them, you will still see major change! I only ask that you get some sort of daily movement in for optimal health. 

8.  I’m not a Facebook person, will I be missing out on important information? 

All the important trainings, workouts and class materials will be in the Membership area, where you have lifetime access. We also have weekly Q&A huddles, where you can come ask questions outside of the Facebook group. The Facebook community is available for support, feedback, and accountability - it is always there for you, but you don’t have to join. Alternatively, you can make a fake profile to join just for the 4 weeks. 

9.  I’ve got a lot going on… is the program a big time commitment?

You can absolutely fit this in your life! Each week will consist of an hour-long Live Zoom Training, 4 workouts that average in time of 30-40 minutes, and, depending on the week, 1-3 additional video modules that range from 5-10 minutes. Also, plan for the weekly trip to the grocery store! For a small time commitment, the rewards are HUGE! 

10. I love my glass of wine at night… will I have to quit drinking?

Um, no, can I join you?? Unless you’re going way overboard, alcohol is not holding you back from your fat loss and fitness goals. This program is NOT about being restrictive - we all want to enjoy our lives! If wine is part of your life, it stays part of your life. I’ll give you some of my favorite go-to options for alcohol so you can keep on cheers-ing and reach your goals. 

11. Be real - will this program really get me to my fat loss goals in 4 weeks?

You might knock this out of the park in 4 weeks and you might not. Everyone’s body is different and depending on what your goals are, it might take longer. Here’s the thing - finish lines move because a lot of factors are in play. You might run across your finish line and decide you want to set a new PR! I can promise you this… every day you will progress, get fitter, feel better and be smashing meaningful mini records right and left. Those are going to build upon themselves, and you will reach that finish line. And you might find you want to set the bar even higher - that’s what it’s all about, keep striving!

12. What happens once the program is over?

Since you have lifetime access to the information and the workouts, you can keep on going! Keep doing the workouts, get stronger and fitter! Try incorporating some new strategies you learned into your routine. You have all the tools you need; your body has undergone a transformation. Keep being curious and fine-tuning what works best for you!

You'll go through this course and wake up every day feeling empowered to live your best life, loving the person in the mirror inside and out. 

Your smoking hot bod is only part of the transformation. You’ll go through a total body upgrade and be blown away by the improvements in your energy, strength, digestion, skin, sleep, mood and new perception on just how amazing you can feel! 

I know this is all possible for you and I can’t wait for you to be on that podium!

Yes, me and my metabolism are            to get stoked! Let me just put my hair up in a pony and tell me how much...



Here's what Fat Loss Finish Line is all about and        it's for you!





Fire up your metabolism, lose weight and boost your energy without counting a single calorie! This is your quick and dirty guide to get into fat-burning, instead of fat-storing mode (in a week!), and achieve results you can keep capitalizing on!